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          Skiatook Lake Hybrid Fishing Guides          

  Oklahoma Lakes:  

     Skiatook Lake, Sooner Lake

      Keystone lake, Oologah, Fort Gibson

Fort Gibson Oklahoma:Spoonbill Catfish(Video of snagging Paddlefish)

      Skiatook, Sooner and Keystone:

                   Hybrid/Stripers. Stripers

      Oologah, Fort Gibson

                Catfish,Paddlefish/Spoonbill & Sandbass

                        Skiatook Lake Fishing Guides

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Skiatook Lake Fishing Guides

Oklahoma Fishing is great and "FISH ON" are the most exciting words you can hear when fishing.  FISH ON Guide Service invites clients to Skiatook Lake, Keystone Lake, Sooner Lake,Oologah  and Fort Gibson the most continually productive sport fishing lakes in Oklahoma. From my local and out of state corporate clients to children and every angler in between, when you hear "FISH ON", you can  bet these excited anglers are catching Hybrids/Stripers (Wipers) or Spoonbill just around the bend.

DON'T FORGET, everybody knows somebody who loves to fish so gift certificates are always available and we offer multiple boat excursions for large, private, and corporate parties.

Skiatook Lake Hybrid Fishing Guides

Why Hire a Fishing Guide?

 Hiring a guide several times a year costs much less than owning and maintaining your own boat.  I provide all of the equipment for a safe and enjoyable outing. At the end of the day I will clean the fish  and bag the fillets for you to enjoy later.

 I guide primarily for Stripers (striped bass) and Hybrid Stripers because these are the most exciting and hardest fighting freshwater fish in Oklahoma, which guarantees you the fishing trip of a lifetime. The reason I choose Skiatook Lake,Keystone lake, Oologah, Fort Gibson and Sooner Lake(Oologah, Fort Gibson for Spoonbill, Catfish and Sandbass) for my fishing guide trips is because these are among the best Hybrid Striper (Wipers) Lakes in Oklahoma for high production and record sized fish. Both stripers and hybrids (Wipers) are predatory fish swimming in large schools in search of Shad, their favorite food source. Since Shad are very timid and delicate, I use top of the line equipment  to ensure that my bait is the friskiest bait on the water (key factor) to attract the liveliest sportfish in the school, which guarantees you the fight of your life.

   My goal for each trip is that you return with your friends so that they too can experience your excitement, just bring your food and drinks and be ready to yell "FISH ON". If you wake up a little sore the next day...think of Dave Clark and "FISH ON"!!!

Call 918-724-6786  or email    Dm1Clark@gmail.com

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Skiatook Lake Fishing Guides.

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Skiatook Lake Fishing Guides.