Skiatook Lake

06-06-18:FISH ON !!!!!! It just keeps on keeping on, on Skiatook Lake. It started off with us missing a bunch of fish, but then we got the hang of it and started they started coming in the boat. We moved around after that died down and just about the same thing. We made three stops and ran of bait. Big Hybrid/Striper for the day was 7.6lbs. The hybrid/Stripers are really on the move. Locate them and then somethmes they are gone before you can get set up. The Hybrid/Stripers were caught in 27 to 38fow. Water temp. is 81degs. some were caught on freelines and some on dwonlines. Some on live bait and some on cut bait. See my Facebook page for pics.

06 Jun, 2018