Skiatook Lake

06-01-18: Fish ON. We had a very good mornong on Skiatook Lake fishing for HYbrid/Stripers. We had fish on before I could get all of the poles out. It stayed like that for a hour or so before the Hybrids and Sandbass left. Next two stops were pretty much the same way. The Sandbass were really mixed in with the Hybrids today. The problem with that was they were eating all of shad. We ended up running out of bait after awhile. But not before we had caught abunch of really nice Hybrids.  Big Hybrid for the day was 6lbs again but alot of really nices ones also, We caught the Hybrids in 25 to 32fow. Water temp. is 82degs. All were caught on downlines on live Shad. See my Facebook page for pics.

01 Jun, 2018